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About Wassily Kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky (1886 – 1944), the father of abstract art, also a skilled musician, strongly associated music with art. Kandinsky, who named works after musical terms, saw color when he listened to music, and believed color could visually express music’s timber, pitch and volume. At age 30, Kandinsky’s artistic career began when he left a legal career to pursue artistic studies after seeing Monet’s “Haystacks.” Passionately compelled to create, Kandinsky believed that the purity of this desire would communicate itself to viewers of his work.

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Circles in a Circle

by Wassily Kandinsky

Type: Framed Art Print
Size: 31 in. x 39 in.

Item #: 10646480

Our Price: $177.99

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Circles in a Circle Framed Art Print

Circles in a Circle Framed Art Print by Wassily Kandinsky.

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