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About Greg Constantine
Greg Constantine, American (1938 - )

Greg Constantine has taught painting, drawing, and art history at Andrews University for 36 years while conducting 15 art history summer sessions for students in Europe. As his exhibition record reveals, he began exhibiting nationally in 1969, and since 1975, numerous one man shows including 15 in New York City that have dealt with Art about Art. It is very possible his involvement in the teaching of art history and the intensification of artists dealing with other artists' work have resulted in this similar theme recurring in his own art.
The latest theme Mr. Constantine has been exploring is the combination of three famous portraitures from famous art historical paintings all recombined and gathered together into one work of art. When questioned about the new approach his work was taking he replied. "I’m not sure why, but it just feels (intuitively) right, I think I have something here."

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Warhol Famous

by Greg Constantine

Type: Mounted Print
Size: 24 in. x 16 in.

Item #: 8684288

Our Price: $82.99

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Warhol Famous Mounted Print

Warhol Famous Mounted Print by Greg Constantine is also available as a Framed Art Print.

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