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About Robert Delaunay
Ingenious artist Robert Delaunay (1885 – 1941) founded Orphism, which expressed an object’s movement, light and rhythm rather than its form. Delaunay originally designed theater sets, and began exhibiting just one year after he started to paint. Neo-Impressionism influenced his early works, and he later employed Cubism to explore contrasting colors. Delaunay’s art incorporated circles suggestive of movement and space, as well as mathematically precise, faceted planes of color. Delaunay also explored experimental mediums, and profoundly influenced abstract art’s development in the 1920s.

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Formes Circulaires-Soleil #3

by Robert Delaunay

Type: Giclee Print
Size: 24 in. x 32 in.

Item #: 8291341

Our Price: $69.99

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Formes Circulaires-Soleil #3 Giclee Print

Formes Circulaires-Soleil #3 Giclee Print by Robert Delaunay is also available as a Framed Giclee Print.

This Giclee Print by Robert Delaunay also appears in the following categories: Abstract (Fine Art), 20th Century Art, Specialty Collections, Abstract Art by Color, Multicolored Abstract, Abstract by Artist, Multicolored Abstract (Fine Art), Abstract by Color (Fine Art), Surrealism - TV ad. To visit these art sections, check the full list above.

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